Big tires, Little roads

The Uinta National Forest lies in a westerly nook of Utah’s West Desert. This forest is comprised mostly of small, overgrown, and mountainous roads that lead to small, overgrown, mountainous places; Places of hidden beauty.

One such place goes by the name of Harker Canyon, roughly three miles north of Dutch Peak and six miles south of the town of Vernon. From Vernon, head through the town, staying on Highway 36 until you come to Forest Road 005 (Benmore Road). Upon reaching the Benmore Guard Station, turn west (right) and follow the road to Harker Canyon.

Harker Canyon is platinum among gold. The surrounding area is undoubtedly beautiful, but in Harker Canyon, the secret streams, trails untraversible by cars, and majesty of a lone rock formation lend to a  heightened appreciation for the nature surrounding you. You can only get so high by hiking, for eventually you run into large rock walls. Below is a picture of the view you get at the end of the trail. Also included is the lone rock standing tall, and Thomas searching for a way to the nearby streams.

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There is also a human element to the canyon. This is found in remnants of multiple mining expeditions, such as the old winch seen below.

These winches are remnants of Hilltop Mine, the actual mine being one canyon west, right beside Lion Hill. Hilltop mine was known for producing both silver and lead. Though finding the latter may not be fully desirable, who knows what material treasures hide among the rocks and leaves?

To conclude, Harker Canyon is a part of the Uinta National Forest that is both aesthetically as well as historically rich. To find these intermingling treasures of Mother Nature and old miners, however, you are going to need big tires for those little roads.


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