To Begin

To begin. An action heralding failure, success, or any mix of the two. My name is Thomas Hunt, and welcome to NickaDee Traveling, a blog named for its two creators, those being myself and Nicolai Davis.

If you couldn’t guess by the name, we are travel bloggers, determined to travel the whole world round and share it with you. We both live in Utah, USA.

The idea to start a travel blog came to us while we were perusing through cameras and other appliances at the mall one day. We were admiring drones when Nicolai pointed out, “I would love to make videos with these.” We started joking back and forth about how we would use my skill with writing and his skill with filmography/photography to see new places, work as journalists maybe. But for that day, it was a pipe dream, a castle in the sky that we had no means of reaching.

The following morning, I dragged myself out of bed, ready to face the day with whatever I could. Out of idle curiosity, I sat at the computer and googled “How to travel and write.”

And there they were. Hundreds of articles detailing how to create a successful travel blog, one that you could make a living and a life from. I did some more research before calling Nicolai and detailing my plan; He would drive and take pictures, while I would write the articles. I liked the idea, he liked the idea, and thus, NickaDee Traveling was born.

I hope you decide to stick with us through this process of growing. Even if this blog evolves into nothing more than a part-time hobby, we appreciate the support.


Nicolai & Thomas

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