My Travel Bucket List

Everyone has a travel bucket list, and everyone knows everyone has a bucket list. Mine would probably look like a medieval tapestry of words if I really sat down and thought about it, but for now, we’ll stick with this:

Top 7 World Destinations to Visit Before I Die

argentina-flag1 (1)

I was once told you could swim in a pool and ski down a mountain, all in the same day, in Argentina. I’m a decent swimmer, and after a sweltering afternoon spent in the water, I could definitely go for some cold weather hiking. As for the culture, I haven’t read much about it, and I won’t pretend like I have. However, I am more than willing to learn.



Alaska is a land of unrivaled snowy glory. Or so I’m told. I would have to travel to Alaska during the summer in the constant sunlight, thanks to the blackness of winter. Not that I don’t like the cold. I enjoy it very much, in fact. It’s just that you can’t see much in the darkness, except for the Aurora Borealis.

Which is part of the reason I would love to go to Alaska. I know you can see the Aurora in other places, but me being an american, it would be easier to stay in the states. I wouldn’t have to deal with passports and whatnot.

But other than the Aurora, the natural beauty of Alaska, what with the forests, mountains, frozen wastelands…All of it provides a fantastic view.


Now, for the people that know me personally, they’ll find it odd that this isn’t number one. I’ve talked about moving to Scotland, visiting Scotland, working in Scotland, etc. However, I just desire to see other places more. I don’t have anything against Scotland. I’m very much for Scotland (and Scottish accents), I just am for other places more.

What I would like to do in Scotland is visit old castles, see the highlands, roam the countryside. I generally prefer an urban setting, but Scotland is the definite exception. The natural beauty is said to be magnificent, and I hope to see it soon.


Iceland is known for glaciers, volcanoes, vast swaths of wilderness, and my inspiration to start this blog. I watched the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and I liked all of it. However, I really liked the part where he is biking and long boarding to Eyjafjallajokull, the volcano. It inspired me to start planning a trip across Iceland with Nicolai, using only tents, what money we had saved, and bicycles. This was two years ago, and the planning is still going strong. We’ll make it there, I’m sure of it. And the wonders we shall see.

swissflag (1)

If you were to go back three or four generations in my family, you would be standing with my family members all the way back when they lived in Switzerland. I always dreamed of finding some long lost cousin or something like that if I went and did some genealogy work in Switzerland. When I go there to admire the Alps and enjoy the countryside one day, maybe that dream will come true.

Myanmar-flag-600x270 (1)

I’ve only seen pictures of Burma, and I watched the British Top Gear special on it, and it’s already one of my favorite places in the world. Old roads, new roads, old temples, new temples, all of it has such a rich history of war and peace and building…I would love to see it all.


If I had to see one place before I died, it would undoubtedly be Vietnam. The history of war lies there. Traditional fishing villages, misty mountains, new urban developments, and, of course, the food; I’ve witnessed it second hand by, again, Top Gear, and to repeat the trip the trio undertook would be a marvel.


And that’s my list! What are your top world destinations to visit? Comment below, maybe we share some dreams! I hope you enjoyed reading. See you next post.


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