A Dream

I had a dream where a man approached a trucker in a gas station.

“Will you buy me a shower?” The man asked.

The trucker looked at him. It was clear that money was neither a priority or possession of the disheveled man.

“How will you pay me back?” He asked back.

“I have no money,” the man looked at his feet, “I have no skills useful to you.”

The man looked into the trucker’s eyes, “But I can take you places you’ve never been without leaving this truck-stop.”

The trucker thought, then shrugged, and bought the man a shower. After the shower, the man fulfilled his part of the bargain. Not through magic, but through words.

And the dream ended.

It was then I realized, that I can be the man, and you can be the trucker.


I have always wanted to travel. When I was younger, it was Montana and Alaska. It then changed to include Chicago, Buffalo NY, and London. A few more additions, and now, it’s the world on my travel list.

For now, I don’t have the means, funds, or mental/physical stability to travel to even Nevada, the next state over. Certainly not by myself, and going with someone else is a maybe. A maybe equal to “Maybe I’ll win the lottery.” Something along those lines, you get the gist.

But when I do travel, even if I am physically alone, I’ll have you guys with me. Anyone who reads this blog post, or this blog in general really, has taken a part of me, and I a part of them.

Not only that, they take a part of the world. That is what I hope to impart with this blog; A knowledge and understanding of worlds outside one’s own; A taste of Spain, the scent of a pine in Norway, bagpipes in Scotland, the hot sun of Africa. Through the words I use, I hope to bring all of you along with me on these trips.

So let’s see the world together. Even if it’s from our couches.


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