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When You Were Young…

I felt it when I was four, I felt it when I was six, I felt it all throughout my life. Until I turned twelve or so, and I stopped feeling this feeling. Why? What did I feel? I felt wonder at traveling without known plans. Of course, there were plans, I just didn’t know about them, and assumed we (my family) were just going to wing it.

I no longer felt it when I knew where I was going.

Not in the sense that I had a definite destination, but that I knew exactly what I was going to do when I got there, who I was going to meet, when and where I was going to meet them, etc. There was no longer a sense of mystery about my trip.

I still had fun. I had a blast, and did all kinds of different things. But my days were still divvied up into itineraries.

I have yet to experience this feeling in my older years, but I intend to. By god I intend to.

I’ve been doing research on traveling without money. You can read some of the articles I have read herehere, and here (this one is a video).

Of course, there is no way to travel without money exchanging hands at some point. Someone has paid for something somewhere along the way, even if that someone isn’t you. This is better explained in the first article above.

But from that same article, I learned that little to no money can touch your hands, and you can still travel the world. That’s right. The world. All of it (disclaimer: most. You know, war and whatnot).

I love the concept of travelling without money. The thing that makes the world go ’round, and you need none of it.

Some/most people will scoff at the idea and be alarmed at the methods. Such as methods of transportation; Well, you hitchhike. You can also bike, or even walk if you prefer. If, by using these latter methods, you can manage to avoid human interaction at this phase, good on you.

However, what about a sleeping arrangement, or shelter? Unless you have a tent, you’re going to have to ask and/or work in order to stay in someone’s house, a hostel, a shelter, or similar place. But if you do have a tent, anti-sociality for the win again!

Now we come to food and water. You can dumpster dive in the back of grocery stores, of course. That is a very popular way to obtain sustenance while on the road without any money, as most of the food is still edible. You can work for your food, or you can even ask for it outright (this isn’t a preferred method in the traveler’s community, especially if the person you ask has to pay for it).

It’s a hard life, and what with the constant interaction with others, the hitchhiking, the dumpster diving (maybe), it can turn away many, many people. For me, I see it as a grand adventure. I want to struggle. I want to meet new friends in unexpected places.

Some people may say that you might as well be homeless. I say to them, that’s the point.

I hope I can travel like this soon. And I know that, eventually, I will. I know it. And you can too.

Would you travel without money? Comment below, and thanks for reading!




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