Slowly, but Surely

We haven’t had wifi at my house recently. I blame the electricians.

However, whoever’s fault it is, it means I haven’t been able to update this blog. Now that I have an internet connection though, I realize I have nothing to share with my readers. Thanks to my new job, I work every weekend, so the time where I would have an adventuring partner (my dad) is taken up with washing dishes.

Now, in my previous post on here, I explained how my job may make it so I can move to Hawaii and pursue further education and employment there. But what about before then? The Hawaii branch of the non-profit I work for won’t open until 2018. What am I supposed top do in the meantime. For the answer to that question, I don’t have to look any further than the text beneath the title on the front page of this blog:

Traveling the world, slowly but surely.

The solution is simple: I just have to explore where I am, and I may have to do it alone. I’ve always had these visions of grandeur, of foreign cultures and exotic mountains and valleys. However, in my own backyard lies some of the most beautiful country on this planet, if the tourist traffic is to be trusted. For example, Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon, Arches National Park…Every one of these is less than a half a day’s drive away from my front door. So, instead of fitting in massive trips and requesting time off to explore, I can use my paychecks to pay entry fees to different forests and places in the same state
I live in.

Maybe I’ll go on a date up a canyon and find a secluded waterfall. The memories made there may very well be more precious than memories of Scotland’s highlands or Switzerland’s mountains. They may not be as exotic, but I don’t need them to be.

As long as the experience is new, and I share it with someone I love (or even just myself), I will be content. It will get me out into the world, help me practice traveling and interacting with others, and let me experience small cultural or environmental changes first, rather than having drastic ones thrust upon me. If I can recognize the beauty in all travel, be it large or small, then I think I finally will be travelling the world.

Slowly but surely.



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