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Practice & Patience

The sum total of my first paycheck was 178.95$, meaning I am less than 100$ short of a plane ticket to London. I’d have to leave in the fall, as Norwegian Air must often (always) be booked several months in advance due to their low prices, but the only meaningful conclusion to draw from that is that I can save more money and plan my trip better. Maybe even go to several places, who knows?

But my point is this: Patience, used in earnest and where needed, will always pay off. It has for me, at least.

Up until recently, I was under the impression that I would travel the world with no experience and no money. I was told this was everything from “Unrealistic” to “Stupid.” Hindsight is 20-20, and looking back shows me how foolish it was to think I could live such a minimalist lifestyle.

I am not and never will be saying that travelling without money is stupid or foolish. However, with no experience? That’s like preparing food made by a master chef after only watching her once. You can read about her techniques, you can watch tutorials on how to prepare the dish, but until you have completed it to perfection as many times as necessary, something is going to fail, and you’re going to fall.



Apply these to your travel plans, or life plans, or life in general, and you will succeed. I’m not saying you won’t fail. Even masters fail sometimes. But, when it counts, you’ll fail far fewer times if you apply practice and patience.



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