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Top Gear Style

Jeremy Clarkson. James May. Richard Hammond.

When I say these names, what images come to mind? Flashy cars? Knowledgeable reviews of flashy cars? Ridiculous challenges?

When I hear the names of the former Top Gear hosts, I think of all of this above, of course. However, on a greater level, I think of the trio that inspired me to travel in anyway I could, with my best friends.

Obviously their trips were funded to a greater extent than mine ever could be, what with extras such as car modifications, not paying for their transportation to the start point, and many more besides.

But how they start when they get there, that’s the most important part. In the Africa Special, they are told to find the source of the river Nile in cars that could be bought for less than $2,000. In the Vietnam Special, they cross the entirety of Vietnam on (almost) solely motorcycles and scooters bought for under $1,000. And by god they have fun doing it. After watching them cross Vietnam for the umpteenth time, it hit me that if they could do it, I could do it.

All in all, the orangutan, the hamster, and Captain Slow gave me the inspiration necessary to kick start my recent job search, kick start my employment and, if I’m honest, restart my life.

They showed me the value of pursuing what you love in the name of your career, and showed me the importance of friendship. I intend to pour what they showed me into this blog, and maybe, one day, travel like them.

I’ve been rambling all over the place with this post, so to finish I would just like to say thank you. Say thank you for helping to restart my life.

One more time, thank you. Thank you to Jeremy Clarkson. To James May. And to Richard Hammond.



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