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Summer is Coming

There it is, plain and simple. The winter months are a distant memory, Spring has sprung and is falling, all of which means that Summer is on its way.

This, for me at least, means adventure. I don’t know quite what I intend to do, but I intend to do it. The co-owner of this blog, Nicolai Davis, would make an ideal traveling companion, as we could further develop this blog. Not only that, Nicolai is a pretty kick-ass guy, so I would probably travel with him anyways. But I digress.

The question is, how will we travel? By what means will we get from place to place?

Below are some ideas I have had that I’m sure have already occurred to my fellow travelers. Whether this is the case or not, what is your favorite means of transportation? Here is a list of my ideal transports, starting with the most desirable and ending with the least. Enjoy!

1. An All Wheel Drive vehicle with some tents and whatnot in the back.

This wouldn’t be too difficult, as long as we each got our own tent and had our own separate routines. Of course, gas mileage might be a problem, but if we can somehow work on the road, well, then it’s problem solved.

2. A small car and hotels.

I don’t know how effective any of these methods would be first hand, but if I were to hazard a guess, this would be more expensive than the truck and tents. We may pay less for gas, but we won’t be able to go to hard to reach places, and we’ll be paying to sleep somewhere every night (unless we sleep by the side of the road. I’m not sure if that is a good idea, but experience is the best teacher!)

3. Airplane, rent a car, walk

The pros of this are very obvious, those being that for one, we wouldn’t have to stay in the USA, and for two, even if we did, we could make it much farther in less time. We would have more time to explore, and have less time spent on the road.

However, the cons are just as obvious, if not more so. On this side, the first problem is that we may have to spend more on a plane ticket than we would on the gas to get to where we’re going by car (we’re comparing this idea with the first, so assume there are no hotels involved.) The second would be the abruptness of the change in location. We would have no choice but to be thrown in, rather than taking our time at the outskirts and working slowly towards the center, enjoying all aspects of perspectives of the location. Third and final of the cons is that you miss so much by spending all that time and energy to get to one location in such a short time, rather than enjoying the journey and learning all you can along the way.


And those are the ways I would choose to travel! I know there are more ways, and different combinations (e.g. pull an RV, walk, public transport, etc.), but these are the ones I would prefer. How would you like to travel, if you could choose any one way? Tell me in the comments, and I’ll see you next post.



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