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In Reality, a Passenger

A poem I wrote recently starts like this:


Through a rainy night I’m steering…


This is just the first line, and it goes on for some time after this line is ended. However, the gist of the poem is that a person, presumably me, is driving through a rainy night to meet the dawn, and not getting any sleep. I don’t mind not getting any sleep, for “night will come another day,” and I meet the dawn.

This situation could be perfectly plausible, except for one fact: It’s from the wrong perspective. I wouldn’t be driving, because I can’t drive, but that wouldn’t matter. Because someone would be driving for me.

I have yet to find someone with which to act out this poem. And I need to.

Whether it be a good friend, many good friends, or even a significant other, I need a travel partner. Someone to drive around while I pay for fuel. Someone to distract me on the long plane ride to Germany when I start to become erratic with my depression. I need a travel companion.

Where did you guys find a companion? Do you travel with your family? Do you road trip with all your friends? Are you and your lover on a cross-country excursion? Where and how did you find your traveling companion? How do you know that they’d be a good fit? I need some help with more experienced travelers, and would not only love the advice, but I’m a sucker for a story.

If anyone shares with me, I thank you in advance, and wish you the best.

Help me find my travel buddy.



Here is the full poem, for anyone interested:


Through a rainy night I’m steering

Waiting, dreaming, wondering, listening,

For what is past the next sharp bend

What do the signs above portend?


My feet go down

To meet the ground

That is the brake and gas

My tires meet

Black concrete street

Exit after exit passed


Headlights highlight the white lined highway

The road is straight; The road is my way

A homeless man, but I chose it

And my front door never closes


Headlights on until the dawn

I stop to eat, and stretch, and yawn

I should have slept this night away

But night will come another day

So I get back into the car

And drive, I’ll say, drive very far


The rain has stopped

The sun is up

On the gas I will let up

For what is the point of traveling

If you’re going too fast to see or be seen?